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Cross-cultural Exchange Project:

Moderator: Susan

Hello, colleagues across the world!There’s a group of 15/17-year-old Argentinian students of English willing to run an international project during next October-November.

All students are expected to have at least a B1 command of the English language

Details of the project:

Phase 1: Asynchronous
• There will be a blog opened in to host all activities
• Teachers involved will get in contact to decide on topics of interest to motivate learners to participate. Possible ideas: school life, family life and customs, every-day routine, week-end entertainment conditions locally and preferences, hopes and dreams, changes they would like to see in their places and reasons, how technology affects their lives, juvenile crimes.
• There will be a Google Doc for teachers to discuss ideas
• Once the topics have been chosen, teachers will decide on different tools to integrate into the blog
• First activity: general introductions: all stds will introduce themselves and pose any queries regarding their expectations: text, photos, maps will be exchanged in the blog
• Possible tools to select from: Voicethread, Thinglink, Pinterest, Padlet, Infographics, Google Drawing, Animation Tools, Video Tools
• This phase will be around one-month long

Phase 2: Synchronous
• During November there will be a synchronous encounter via Skype or Google Hangouts, to allow all students to get the chance to see each other and interact through speaking
• Teachers involved in the project will decide on the topics to focus on, according to the success and to the interest discussions in the blog have aroused.

Project Objectives:
• familiarize learners with technology
• allow them to practise English in authentic, meaningful situations
• contact English speaking people from other countries
• raise awareness of the importance of going global
• help students hone the four skills
• expand learners’ cultural understanding and horizons

Those interested in joining this project, please contact me at


About ehsansalem

Ihsan S.Salem. A supervisor of Educational Training at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education of Palestine. I have the experience of teaching for almost 22 years, and eight years in the field if training school teachers, principals, and administrators, Head divions,Directors and other employees in the main building of the Ministry. Qualification: Incomplete Doctorate in Education (ED.D) from CLU Master Trainer from Massachusetts University. MA in teaching Methods of Teaching English. Najah National University Nablus Palestine. BA in Teaching English AN-Najah National University -Nablus - Palestine. Diploma in Teaching (two years Community college) Khadoori Tulkarm Palestine.
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